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Da Vinci Escape Room

Da Vinci Escape Room

The inventor left a last genius and revolutionary discovery behind. But he wanted only the smartest to be able to find it. Leonardo filled his lab with tricks and puzzles to test your worthiness, then set up a timer connected to the lab's door that will destroy these invaluable paper in 90 minutes.

Mad Hatter Escape Room

Mad Hatter Escape Room

Join us on a whimsical and puzzling journey down the rabbit hole into a wonderland of adventure to rescue Alice! Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery and danger! There is only one person who can help you here: the tea loving, confused Mad Hatter!

The Asylum Escape Room

The Asylum Escape Room

You wake up locked in a dark cage. You have been locked up for some human experiment and nobody knows you are here. Escape before the wardens come and begin their gruesome work.

Zombie Apocalypse Escape Room

Zombie Apocalypse Escape Room

Finally it happened. This virus spread like wildfire and the only chance humanity has to survive is in your hands. You have to find the antidote and escape with it. You have 90 minutes before a horde of Zombies will come for your brains.

Jigsaw Killer

Jigsaw Killer

You and your team wake up in a dark and dirty room and cannot remember how you ever got there. You soon realize you are part of a very twisted game that most likely will not end up well for you. The clock is ticking... You have 90 minutes to try and win this game, your only chance to survive his psychic revenge.

2 players
NZ$ 34 each
3 players
NZ$ 33 each
4 players
NZ$ 32 each
5 - 8 players
NZ$ 29 each

Cancellations prior to 24 hours a booking can receive a full refund or reschedule a booking time. A refund is not possible with in 24 hours of the game.

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Escape rooms are real-life games whereby you and your team will be placed in a themed room of your choice. In order to ‘escape’, you are required to go through the process of problem solving and elimination and crack a series of puzzles as well as logical mind games while utilizing a wide array of technology to decipher codes and locks, all the while racing against the clock! Escape Rooms New Zealand is a game that is suited for everyone – the hawk-eyed observer, the intellectual, the motivated enthusiasts and the quick thinkers. Gather your best bunch of friends, your date, family or colleagues and work as a team to escape before your time is up!

Birthday parties

Want the best party of the year? Come with your friends and have an hour of non-stop fun and games in the room of your choice. It will be an extraordinary party for people who like challenges and great memories. It will be a party of a lifetime that you and your friends will never forget having so much fun while being locked in a room.

Family & Friends

Escape games are great to play with your family and friends. You will each find out something new about each other or even find a new ability that you have. Everyone will be able to play a role in escaping the room. A memorable experience that only you and your friends & family will encounter together.


Get a room… And escape from it. Share an adventure and solve clues to help each other escape. Will you be the hero and get your date out in 90 minutes? Find out how compatible you are together. You may discover things you never knew about each other. Test your limits and find out each other’s strengths…or weaknesses. This could be the most interesting date you’ve ever had.

Private events

Are you looking for an idea out of the ordinary that will be memorable for everyone? Here it is. It will be an event like no other experience, which involves everyone there. We have 6 rooms available, each room can accommodate up to 8 players. You can book as many rooms as you need for your event and switch and swap.


Our escape games will be ideal for your next corporate outing or team building activity. Every game is mentally stimulated and does not require much physical exertion so it is a safe choice for all types of colleagues.

Team Building

Take this opportunity to have fun while analysing your team’s skills. Escape games are all about TEAMWORK. Each person will be a key component to seeking success. Just like any team building activities, you will need to have faith and trust in one another and communicate. This will test your team on how effective you are at working together. Who is the leader? Who can follow instructions? Who gives up too easily?

Lunchtime Breaks

Do you work locally? Instead of sitting at your desk eating your lunch or wandering around looking at the same old shops, why not bring your lunch and a few workmates over to play.


Awesome rooms. I have tried most of the escape rooms in Auckland and this is definitely one of the most difficult ones around. Can highly recommend if your looking for a challenge or rooms with a unique twist.


Facebook Reviewer
We've done quite a few escape rooms and this is definitely one of the best! Very professional, very fun, awesome themes!


Facebook Reviewer
Amazing set up for the rooms! Loved all the clues and puzzles. Definitely recommend and can't wait to go back.


Facebook Reviewer
Great setup and rooms, really well put together. Will definitely be back to complete all of the rooms!!!


Facebook Reviewer
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