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Do you want to build, own and operate your own escape rooms in New Zealand?

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Escape rooms are real-life games whereby you and your team will be placed in a themed room of your choice. In order to ‘escape’, you are required to go through the process of problem-solving and elimination and crack a series of puzzles as well as logical mind games while utilizing a wide array of technology to decipher codes and locks, all the while racing against the clock! Escape Rooms New Zealand is a game that is suited for everyone – the hawk-eyed observer, the intellectual, the motivated enthusiasts and the quick thinkers. Gather your best bunch of friends, your date, family or colleagues and work as a team to escape before your time is up!



Want the best party of the year? Come with your friends and have an hour of non-stop fun and games in the room of your choice. It will be an extraordinary party for people who like challenges and great memories. It will be a party of a lifetime that you and your friends will never forget having so much fun while being locked in a room.



4 Exciting Themes to Choose From


"Awesome experience! Our 5-people team had so much fun last night trying to escape the Mad Hatter room. The staff has been very friendly and helpful particularly when we got stuck on a crucial point and we asked for hints. We'll definitely try all of the other rooms as soon as possible!"


2 Players


3-4 Players


5-8 Players





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